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Scott takes part in his first CRS Experience

Feb 10 | Posted by: scottbrantley.com

Scott got to take part in his first CRS (Country Radio Seminar) over this past week in Nashville.  "This was an awesome experience, and finally getting to meet the people who make my career work, the radio DJ's and Program Directors, was something I had been wanting to do for a while now", says the artist.  "It was great to finally see these guys and girls that get our music out to the fans, and get to shake their hand and say thank you.  And, we also got to play in the snow a little, something that rarely happens back home in Georgia", Scott states with a laugh.

Scott was able to take part in several media appearances, including multiple radio and magazine interviews.   

Country Radio Seminar is an annual event held in Nashville that brings radio broadcasters together to promote the growth of the Country Format. 

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